IET+ESX alignment issue

If you met poorer than expected IO performance with ESX3 using IET, you might meet this alignment issue. VMWare has detailed explanation on how to align the VM partition.


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Use shared cache with multi-core CPU

Dr. Dobb has an article about how to gain better performance by utilizing shared cache with multi-core CPUs. It will be more useful when we have 80 cores. Will we?

One “Cache Blocking Technique” is well explained here.

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Another IET recipe

Steffen shared another IET recipe with some nice features:

  • active/passive storage controller
  • configuration management across cluster
  • dynamic updating of running ietd environment
  • dynamically add new targets and LUNs
  • handle size changes of LUNs
  • logical volume backup

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Pfizer to lay off 10,000 people

Pfilzer will cut 10K people. Yes, I know it is not an IT company, but

  • IT industry depends on other industries. For example, consider how many computers, network equipments, and storage Pfilzer need to buy and manage.
  • I like one guy said here “You can’t cost-cut your way to prosperity,”. We saw soooo many cut, lay-off, reduce in workforce, restructure, in IT industries. But will this really heal the problem and lead to prosperity? 😉

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Two links about being a programmers. Here and here.

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Zero-copy user space page access from Linux kernel

Recently we discussed about this SCST user space device handler, so fast accessing user space page become a key factor to success. Lucky we have this already.

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No privacy

Here lists detailed information about every H1B. No privacy at all! Sigh…

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