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Use shared cache with multi-core CPU

Dr. Dobb has an article about how to gain better performance by utilizing shared cache with multi-core CPUs. It will be more useful when we have 80 cores. Will we?

One “Cache Blocking Technique” is well explained here.


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PCI latency timer

Seems hard to find some information about how to tune PCI latency timer for maximum performance. So try to dump what I can find.

Here is a detailed introduction about it. This book has some information about it as well.

Linux kernel has a document about tuning Chelsio NIC. Also here about S2IO NIC. Seems these NICs just want to take maximum 248 value and hold bus as long as possible.

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Tuning for performance

Tuning IBM eServer xSeries Servers for Performance is a IBM redbook about tuning performance on their servers. There are still some nice general concepts and hints.

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Tuning os for high speed network transfer

Yesterday Ross send me a link about tuning OS for high speed network transfer. Thank you!

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Windows performance counter

Sometime I need to check perfmon in Windows to see various statistics data. This time I put the reference link down here. Anybody know a updated version for 2003 or Vista?

Update: although I could not find performance counter guide for Windows 2003, but this tuning guideline is nice. And this performance advisor should be useful for Windows administrators, I guess.

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