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TCP/IP Tutorial and Technical Overview

IBM Redbooks just released a nice book about TCP/IP. If you have no money to buy other books about TCP/IP, this is a good free one for you. 😉 I have a quick read and need to squeeze more time to spend on it.


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Tuning os for high speed network transfer

Yesterday Ross send me a link about tuning OS for high speed network transfer. Thank you!

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Sometime you have to play with iptables, so this might help you out. 😉

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Packet capture

Once a time, one person asked me if I have interest to work for their next generation network monitoring solution. I am not a network people and not sure why they contact me. (Maybe because my small hack in Ethereal, now Wireshark?) Anyway, if I need to do something similar later, this PF_RING will be useful.

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