About Me

Seems that every personal web page will have “About me”. But is it that important? People know you not by your claim, but what you do. Another reason is that writing a good “about” is damn difficult!

So here is only a brief introduction to let you at least know who am I. Ming Zhang (name1.GIF), coming from China and being in USA since 2000. After getting a degree by playing hard drives and network cables in URI, I finally jumped into industry. First spent 1.25 year in an eventually failed start-up and now another 1.5 year in Tandberg. In my personal time, I worked on OSS projects and here is my profile in SF. I also like to take pictures and thus produced quite a lot e-dust.

Ok, should be enough for now.



  1. Nguyen said


    I read your tutorial on how to connect to a Linux VM in VMWARE via serial console. Could you please fill in the below two blanks for me? Many thanks.

    – Minicom talks to the VM via socat right?
    – How do I configure minicom to talk to socat?

    Best regards,


  2. Ming,

    You have a very impressive resume. I have a great opportunity for a Chief Storage Architect located in MA. Are you open to considering new opportunities at this time?

    Shoot me an email and I’d be happy to send you the full job description, if you’re not looking maybe you have a friend you could help out.


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