Shall we buy Seagate stock now?

HD DVD’s AACS protection has been compromised base on this news. It is amazing that big giants wasted quite a lot of $$$ (millions of $, I bet) again just because of 8-day hacker’s work. Considering how many people will backup how many HD movies into their hard drives, and considering the huge space a HD movie will take, there is not reason not to buy some Seagate (or other hard drive companies) stocks… 😉

What a new year gift!

Update: Blu-ray is cracked as well…



  1. Daniel said

    Well I think thats a usual pattern. You have a few guys sitting the company trying to get it right. They not necessarily have _all_ the needed skills and more importantly they have timelines and budget limits. The “hackers” on the other side have the “rest of the world” resources – at least when it comes to brainpower and more importantly they have the drive and the pashion. So I think in 99.9% the hackers win.

  2. One thing hard to do right is to keep such solution user friendly while provide enough control. If they can do like what MS do, give each DVD a licence key and force you to connect your DVD player to its website and activate it before you can watch it, they might have better chance to work out one. But I heard that Vista already have a hacked version? 😉

    As you said, the way they work out this is wrong. But closed interest force them to do closed development. This is a doomed task.

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